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Projects(present and previous)




Weaving is a comission for Trondheim jazzfestvial, composed by Kirsti Huke.
It was presented for the first time, may 2017.
Weaving will be recorded and released during 2018.
Listen to parts of the concert, and interview with Kirsti Huke og AnikkenSunde HERE!

Weaving is:

Kirsti Huke: vocals, omnichord, harmonium, vocaleffects
Gunnar Halle: trumpet, vocals, synth
Wetle Holte: drums, dulcimer, electronics
Erik Nylander: drums, percussion, drum machines


Kirsti Huke Vokal, Celtic harp Ola Kvernberg Violins, Viola, Perkussion, Garrahand, Marxophone, Mandolin Erik Nylander Drums
The trio was first founded as a Duo (Kirsti&Ola) in 2010 with Kirsti Huke and Ola Kvernberg.
They had their first concert at Victoria Scene, the national jazz 
scene in Oslo.
Since then, they have been collaborating in other projects as Trondheim jazz orchestra and Olas latest project Mechanical Fair.
In 2013, Kirsti&Ola decided to expand, and there was no doubt who thenew member had to be;
Erik Nylander has been both Huke and Kvernbergs rock solid drummer through many years - in Kirsti Huke quartet and Ola Kvernberg trio.
"Rags&Silks", the trios first album contains seven favourites from songwriters and great musicians as Lou Reed, Nick Cave, Nick Drake, Massive Attack/Liz Fraser, Ulvaeus/Andersson,Tom Waits,Brian Wilson.
With endless respect for the compositions, the trio has treated the songs with a loving and caring attitude in rearranging and performing these musical jewels.
Kirsti,Ola&Erik on facebook here!


Kirsti Huke - vocals, piano, guitar, perciussion
Siri Gjære - vocals, piano, guitar, percussion

Tullkattesnutene was rewarded with the norwegian Grammy for "best 
children's album" 2013, and are known for their songs with both 
light and dark topics, for children of all ages.
Tullkattesnutene can be found on facebook here!


is a duo which slowly grew out from Kirsti Huke kvartett, where Kirsti and Vigleik performed together for ten years. In this ensemble they play their own original material, from previous projects, as well as new music.



Kirsti Huke – Vocal
Vigleik Storås – Piano
Steinar Raknes – Bass
Erik Nylander – Drums
This was Kirsti's main project/band from 2002-2010. The quartet released two album, their first in 2007 which contains standard tunes and cover songs. Their second album contains mostly original songs by Huke. The band toured in Norway, India, Bangladesh and China.


Tore Brunborg - Saxophones
Kirsti Huke - Vokal
Petter Vågan - Gitar
Rune Nergaard - Bass
Gard Nilssen - Drums
Scent of Soil was a commission for Vossajazz 2010 composed by Tore Brunborg and Kirsti Huke.
 In 2012 they released the album on Hubro records, and received great international reviews.
 Scent of Soil did their last tour in 2013.


Kirsti Huke - vocal
Petter Vågan - gitar/vocal
Ellen Ersfjord - bass/backing vocals
Vigdis Sjelmo - drums
When Kirsti joined -Phy in 2004, the band had already exsisted for several years and released two albums.
In 2008, Petter Vågan joined the band and the album "Tree House" started to take shape.
-Phy played their last concert together in 2012. Since then, 
the members has worked in other bands and projects as:
the Fjords, TV, Dog&Sky, Pretty Boy Pete, I love Winona and more


Kirsti was a member of Trondheim Voices from 2004-2014.
Trondheim Voices is a vocal ensemble with singers that all have rootsto the creative improvisation environment in Trondheim. Through many projects since 2001, they have made a solid statement as developers 
within  vocal music and improvised music.


Trondheim Jazz Orchestra is one of the most important and creative jazz ensembles in Norway. During the course of the last thirteen years, the orchestra has had a great number of exciting projects with norwegian and international jazz profiles such as Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Joshua Redman, Erlend Skomsvoll, Eirik Hegdal, Vigleik Storaas, Geir Lysne, Bendik Hofset, Maria Kannegaard, Kim Myhr, Jenny Hval, Stian Westerhus, Ståle Storløkken, Albatrosh and Marius Neset.
Kirsti appears in Trondheim Jazzorchestra projects:
 Jon Balke - Games & Trickery  2003
 Øyvind Brække - Migrations 2011
 Erlend Skomsvoll - TJO goes classical 2013
 Eirik Hegdal - Sidewalk Comedy 2013



The 3rd and the Mortal were a Norwegian experimental metal-band, founded in Trondheim in 1992 by Rune Hoemsnes, Finn Olav Holthe, 
Geir Nilssen, Trond Engum and Kari Rueslåtten.
Kirsti was the lead singer on their two last albums, a job she sharedwith male singer Andreas Kjerkol Elvenes.
During her time in the band they toured in Norway, Germany, Holland and Mexico.